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Did you know the brain has a worry muscle? The more you exercise that worry muscle the bigger and stronger it gets – which is not a good thing! Science has proven mindfulness gives your happiness muscle a workout, not your worry muscle. So mindfulness can actually reduce anxiety.

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Louise Healy from Rare Voices Australia (RVA) hosted a terrific Zoom education event for our TSC Community in March 2021 on mindfulness. Below we have shared some of the resources Louise recommended.

We could all benefit from daily mindfulness practices. The following resources have been kindly collated by Louise Healy from RVA.

Click here to read or download the Mindfulness Resources – how to thrive not just survive

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Financial supports
Getting the most out of a visit to your GP
Identifying emerging challenging behaviours
In Safe Hands: An introductory guide to TSC for teachers and educators
In Safe Hands: How to be a good advocate for your child with TSC at school
Life expectancy of people living with TSC
New diagnosis parachute packs
Neurodevelopmental disorders in children
Reach Out
Sex and sexuality in young people with TSC
Sleep issues in children with TSC
Transitioning from child to adult care
TSA updates
Tubee children’s picture book about TSC
Useful organisations and contacts
Using Facebook
Video library