Staying Up-to-Date

With new developments and treatments globally every year, the outlook for a child born with TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex) today is very different to that of a child born just 10 years ago. Staying up to date with this rare condition is critical. Here at TSA (Tuberous Sclerosis Australia), we stay on top of global developments so that you don’t have to.

Join the TSC Health Care Professionals Network

TSA believes it is important that patients with TSC have access to health professionals that have experience in managing TSC and are committed to staying up to date with latest developments and research related to TSC.

The TSC Health Care Professionals Network is a listing of health care professionals that have made a commitment to stay up to date with best practice in the diagnosis, surveillance and management of TSC. We strongly advise all medical professionals who have a patient diagnosed with TSC to join the network.

The network can be be helpful when:

  • A health care professional is looking for expert advice to assist them in caring for a patient with TSC;
  • A patient with TSC is looking for a new health care professional because they are moving area or transitioning from paediatric to adult services;
  • A patient with TSC is seeking a second opinion.

The network is not currently published. It is used by TSA staff and volunteers to respond to enquiries from TSC affected individuals, their carers and their primary care doctors.

To join the network, please send your details to [email protected].

All information collected by TSA and provided by you is in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Join Listserve

The TSC Alliance in the USA invites TSC Health Care Professionals to subscribe to its private listserv: [email protected]. Its primary purpose is for members to pose TSC-related cases or questions to their peers for feedback.

More Resources

Rare Diseases 101 – Australia, is a free, interactive learning module for health care professionals and students who wish to learn more about rare disease.

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