Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) affects more than 2000 individuals in Australia and thousands more carers, families and friends who live with the impact of the disease.
TSC tumours can grow in any organ of the body, commonly affecting the brain, skin, heart, lungs and kidneys. TSC can cause epilepsy, developmental delay and autism. There is no known cure for TSC, but with appropriate support most people with TSC can live fulfilling lives.

Tuberous Sclerosis Australia empowers people affected by TSC through access to the best treatment options, up to date information and support.

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Latest News

TSC in the news in Central West NSW
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Thank you Anna and Marian for inspiring a great story on TSC and the importance of fundraising for TSC research in Australia. Take a look at the unique way they are helping TSA. Their efforts are inspired by Anna’s... Read More

Proposed TSA Constitutional Changes
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At the next annual general meeting (AGM) of Tuberous Sclerosis Australia Inc., there will be several changes to TSA’s constitution proposed. These are a result of a review of our governance practices by the TSA. This was previously advised... Read More

Understanding TAND: TSA’s 2018 Education Events
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TSC Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders: including learning, behaviour, autism and anxiety These educational events are for people with TSC, their family members and interested health professionals. TSA is also working with our TSC Professionals Network members to hold events specifically for... Read More

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