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We did it! Abdominal MRIs will be funded for patients with TSC

Thanks to your support we are delighted to share the exciting news that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the abdomen is going to be funded under the medical benefits scheme (MBS) for patients living with TSC in Australia. This will make abdominal MRIs free to access through bulk billing services.  

We would like to thank everyone in our TSC Community who answered our survey back in 2021 and who wrote letters and emails of support for the application in 2022. It worked!

Our thanks too to the individuals who have championed this cause on behalf of our TSC Community – most particularly, Louise Healy, Education and Advocacy Manager at Rare Voices Australia and Dr Matthew (Matt) Sypek and Dr Kathy Nicholls, both nephrologists at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.   Thank you a thousand times over to these champions for their hard work and persistence. 

Details on the approval can be found at  MSAC – 1702 – Abdominal MRI for rare genetic conditions associated with increased risk of renal tumours.

There is no timeline as yet for when this change will take place but we will keep you updated.