Today is Purple Day!

Today is Purple Day – an initiative dedicated to raising epilepsy awareness, dispelling myths, and increasing support to those affected. After being founded by nine-year-old Cassidy Megan in 2008, Purple Day has grown into a much loved and supported national awareness day with thousands of people across Australia rallying communities to raise much needed awareness and funds for those affected by epilepsy.

Approximately 75% – 90% of individuals with TSC will have Epilepsy at some point in their life. Epilepsy can start at any age but many babies with TSC have a seizure during the first year of life. If you are interested in learning more about the connection between epilepsy and TSC please have a look at TSA’s information page.

Epilepsy Action Australia have put together some great resources for people who want to learn more about the condition or get involved with Purple Day – including this great introductory video by EAA Ambassador Lachy Wiggle. Please follow this link to the EAA website to learn more about Purple Day and the importance of raising awareness and funds for those affected by Epilepsy.