New Cannabidiol (CBD) research study – Now Recruiting

Researchers at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne are conducting a new medical research study exploring the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis for managing behavioural symptoms in children with developmental disabilities.

Children aged 6 to 18 years with an intellectual disability and severe behaviour problems (such as aggression and agitation) may be eligible to participate in this randomized placebo-controlled trial of cannabidiol (CBD).

While the trial is open to children who have TSC and are residing in Melbourne or Sydney, there are some exclusion criteria, and children who fall into the following categories will unfortunately not be eligible to participate:

  • abnormal liver or renal function tests,
  • taking clobazam,
  • taking mTOR inhibitors (such as Sirolimus, Everolimus and Tacrolimus),
  • citalopram >20mg/day, or escitalopram >10mg/day.

The study includes 2 clinic visits, 5 telehealth appointments, and 2 blood tests, spread over 16 weeks.

If you think your child may be eligible and you want to learn more, please email [email protected]