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Our 2023 Elizabeth Pinkerton Memorial Award Winner!

Associate Professor Deshan Sebaratnam is a dermatologist based in Sydney and the winner of the 2023 Elizabeth Pinkerton Memorial Award.

Deshan has cared for many people living with TSC and was nominated by several members of the TSC Community. One said:

2023 Aug TSA Award 1

‘Dr Sebaratnam not only looks after my son’s dermatology problems but also makes sure that all other areas of his care as a TSC patient is looked after. He has helped us coordinate many other doctors into his care. He has a genuine care about the patient and goes to all lengths to make sure everything is being managed well.  Dr Sebaratnam always has time to sit and listen to my son. He is always professional and caring. He looks after the whole patient not just the immediate issue that is presented on that day. He is very gentle and patient when doing any procedures and always includes my son in the decisions that need to be made.’

Another added, ‘Deshan has been a major help in my TSC journey. He is very knowledgeable and understanding when dealing with such a complex disease. …In a world where TSC can be very overwhelming, Deshan has been amazing and absolutely deserves this award.’

A colleague of Deshan’s said, ‘when I was training to be a dermatologist he held and continues to hold numerous and regular teaching sessions on TSC spreading awareness and education about this condition. Associate Professor Sebaratnam should be commended for all his ongoing efforts.’

Deshan said he was very touched and honoured to win this year’s Award.