Tickets to Lizzie’s Lunch for 2 June, 2019 are no longer available, the event is sold out.

I cannot make it, I want to make a donation

Our last Lizzie’s Lunch was held on Sunday 3 June, 2018. It was a great day and raised $19,000 to support individuals living with TSC. We are grateful to all our generous donors and supporters and hope you will join us again this year.

Lizzie’s Lunch is our major annual fundraising event held in Sydney. Funds raised provide vital support for TSA’s Education and Information Services which offers a variety of supports for people living with tuberous sclerosis throughout Australia.

Lizzie Pinkerton was a vibrant young girl with a cheeky sense of humour. She lived with Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) and associated polycystic kidney disease that ended her life in 2010. Sue Pinkerton (Lizzie’s Mum) and Clare Stuart (Lizzie’s sister) organise Lizzie’s Lunch each year to remember Lizzie and the impact of her life on all those who knew and loved her.

What is Tuberous Sclerosis?

Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) causes benign tumours to grow in the various organs of the body, including the brain, heart, kidneys, skin and lungs. Although there is a spectrum of severity and each individual case is different, common symptoms include difficult to control epilepsy, learning and intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health challenges, kidney disease and disfiguring facial growths.

When the required medical, educational and social support is available, TSC can be well managed and families can thrive despite this diagnosis. However for many families, especially those living outside of the major Australian cities, this is not the case. They are unable to see medical specialists with knowledge of the disease. They are unable to find appropriate education support for their child. They are unable to access psychological services or respite.

Where will the money go?

The TSC Information Service is often the only place a family affected by TSC can get the information and support they need. Our staff and volunteers help people by providing:

  • emotional support;
  • information on how to manage life with TSC;
  • answers to specific questions about TSC, including about tests and medical procedures;
  • information about health services that know about TSC including members of our TSC Professionals Network;
  • how to find other organisations and resources that can help you in your life with TSC.

The funds raised at Lizzie’s Lunch 2019 will help TSA host a medical and family conference to provide vital updates about TSC, new treatments and current clinical trials. It will also bring together individuals living with TSC and experts in the field.


How can you help?

Can you help with:

  • Businesses to donate their products or services as raffle or auction items
  • Donate bottles of wine for the mystery wine wall
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Volunteer to help prepare for the event
  • Most importantly, people to attend Lizzie’s Lunch. Come along and enjoy the day.

Email [email protected] to get involved. Or call Kate on 04434 391 430.