Tuberous Sclerosis Australia aims to support health professionals in providing best practice care for individuals with TSC and their families.

Essential information

  • Understand the diagnostic criteria for TSC – Vogt’s triad of learning disability, siezures and facial angiofibroma is out of date. Read about the revised diagnostic criteria for Tuberous Sclerosis endorsed at the 2012 Clinical Consensus Conference
  • Use the clinical guidelines for TSCThe evidence based management guidelines include recommended surveillance on diagnosis and follow up  as well as the screening tool for TSC Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders (TAND).

Learn more

  • Read our medical information pages – For symptoms, surveillance and treatment information about the different systems affected by TSC, genetics and information about mTOR inhibitor medicines for TSC (Sirolimus and Everolimus).
  • Complete the BMJ e-learning course – to update your TSC knowledge module on TSC which may be eligible for continuing education points in your profession

Get involved

  • Join the TSC Professionals Network – a non-published list of clinicians that have made a commitment to stay up to date with best practice in the diagnosis, surveillance and management of TSC.
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  • Become a member of Tuberous Sclerosis Australia – Provide vital financial support and receive our twice-yearly magazine, Reach Out.