Will You Help Shine A Light on TSC?

TSC Global Awareness Day is on 15 May. We’d love you to help us shine a light on TSC.

Below are some tiles that you can save and use to post on social media to raise awareness of TSC and seek donations to TSA – the only organisation in Australia informing, supporting and connecting people living with TSC.

You might want to say something like this in your post (remember to include the link to lighttheway.org.au)

TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex) is a devastating rare disease that causes severe epilepsy, neuropsychological issues and often, autism. I am a supporter of TSA which is the only organisation in Australia helping to inform, connect and support people living with TSC.  15 May is TSC Global Awareness Day and a chance to help Light the Way for everyone living with TSC. To show your support, please donate at https://lighttheway.org.au