Make a Christmas donation to TSA today!

Please consider supporting TSA’s Christmas Appeal.

Earlier this year Leiden shared her son Dante’s story. Dante was diagnosed with TSC at birth. Their family’s life continues to be busy managing the many specialist appointments associated with TSC – from paediatrician to speech pathologist, cardiologist to dermatologist, psychiatrist to GP and neurologist.

Rare conditions can make you feel very alone. Leiden had not heard of TSC before Dante’s diagnosis, let alone met anybody with the condition. This makes organisations like ours all the more important to families like hers.

TSA is not government funded. Donations to the appeal will allow us to continue to provide support and connections for families like Leiden and Dante’s. It will help us be able to:

  • Provide up to date and accurate information on TSC, new and emerging treatments and ongoing surveillance.
  • Develop new resources to help families best manage life with TSC.
  • Share opportunities for children and adults to be involved in global research.
  • Connect families to other people who also live with TSC – someone who understands and may be able to provide some insights and hope for the future, as well as connections with expert health care professionals.

TSA receives no ongoing government funding. We rely solely on your generous donations to continue our work for people in Australia living with TSC.

Please give generously this Christmas time if you can and encourage your family and friends to donate too. Your help will go directly towards ensuring TSA is always there to support anyone impacted by this devastating disease.