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TSC talk with Kim

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The aim of our new TSC talk with Kim is to share information about common issues our TSC Community reach out to our Nurse Service seeking help for. We hope that by anonymously sharing some of these questions and answers we can better inform you about some of the shared struggles our TSC Community may experience. 


Hello and welcome,

Australia’s a big country and it’s hard to know all the services that people with TSC can link into.  It’s not surprising therefore that one of the most common calls I get is people looking for experts that have experience with TSC.  The two groups I hear from most often are adults with TSC who find it hard to get specialist care, and families in rural and regional Australia.   

If you need help finding a TSC health professional where you live, please give me a call. At TSA we keep a list of Specialists, GP’s, Nurses and Allied Health professionals. This helps us to not only direct you to services of professionals that have experience with TSC, but to also link clinicians together to enable them to collaborate.  

Also, we’re always looking to grow our list of TSC informed health professionals. If you think that you’re working with someone great who should be added to this list, or there is a new service that is helpful, please contact me to let us know.  By sharing your experience, you could help someone else.

Please reach out to me anytime with any TSC related question you may have. It would be my pleasure to give you any guidance you may need about living with TSC.

Best wishes, 

1300 733 435

[email protected]

P.S.  TSC is both rare and complex so each year we celebrate the dedicated health professionals working in this area with the Elizabeth Pinkerton Memorial Award. Congratulations to last year’s winner – Dr Nick Smith, Head of Neurology at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia. We thank you for your expert care and treatment to help improve the lives of children living with TSC.