Disabled Children’s Foundation supports TSA

We are delighted to announce the Disabled Children’s Foundation has given a generous donation to Tuberous Sclerosis Australia (TSA). Thank you to everyone at the Disabled Children’s Foundation for choosing to support children with TSC.

A $3,000 grant was recently donated to help TSA produce a TSC educational resource for schools called ‘In safe hands.’

This is a project we know will be a valuable addition to our information resources for families affected by TSC and we are thrilled to have this seed funding.

TSA now need to attract another $15,000 to make this project possible so if you’d like to make a donation or get involved in fundraising to support this need we’d appreciate any help you can give.

About the project

TSA need to produce and publish a TSC toolkit for teachers called ‘In Safe Hands’ to increase education achievements for students who experience difficulties during their educational years because of their complicated medical condition. The toolkit will help teachers identify early on the child’s areas of strength and weakness and customise better learning opportunities.

This toolkit builds on our proven track record of educating and supporting our TSC community and the wider community. We need to do more to assist young people with TSC to get the best possible education by providing better opportunities for support, information, education and inclusion while at school.  Our project will help improve education achievement for students affected by TSC.

The toolkit will:

  • Be a professionally designed and printed booklet
  • Have an online resource available through our existing education website
  • Provide accurate and up to date information about TSC
  • Include helpful information about educating a child with TSC and the specific challenges they face.

While TSA understands there are many benefits of main stream education for children with disabilities, more resources are desperately needed to ensure teachers are adequately briefed on the medical and psycho-social aspects of student’s condition. Without this, children are at a significant disadvantage. TSA’s project will help ensure the same opportunities are given to children with TSC – to be understood, educated and nurtured while at school.

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