Baker McKenzie partner with TSA

TSA are delighted to announce our new partnership with global law firm Baker McKenzie.

After a competitive internal selection process, TSA was selected as one of three national charities Baker McKenzie will work with for the next three years. Baker McKenzie will support TSA by offering in kind support, volunteers for TSA run events, awareness and fundraising events plus involvement in TSC Hero events.

This is a terrific opportunity for TSA to raise awareness and funds to improve the lives of Australians living with the challenges of TSC.

TSA wishes to thank Mia from Melbourne for nominating us for this partnership opportunity.                       

Mia is a lawyer at the firm and her daughter, who is two years old, was recently diagnosed with TSC.

 “I have been in regular contact with TSA since my daughter’s TSC diagnosis and the information and support I have received has been invaluable during a difficult time. I am thrilled the firm I work for has chosen to support this small but dynamic organisation and I know we can make a great difference by contributing even in a minor way. I’ve seen how desperately in need of assistance TSA is and I look forward to this partnership having a positive impact on families and their communities affected by TSC”. says Mia

We’d like to thank Baker McKenzie for choosing to partner with TSA and look forward to working together to improve the lives of individuals living with TSC.

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If your workplace, small or large, supports charities please talk to them about TSA’s work.

The TSA team is ready to put forward our case for support and ideas for how they can get involved.

You could be the inspiration they need to choose us as their next charity partner.