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Gifts in Memory 

Funeral Collections and Gifts in Lieu of Flowers

If you are arranging a funeral or memorial service you may want to encourage friends and relatives to make an in memory donation to TSA (Tuberous Sclerosis Australia). Requesting donations in lieu of flowers is a wonderful way to honour the memory of friends or loved ones.

We can provide you with donation forms and envelopes to distribute at the service. Please fill out this form to let us know your In Memory collection details and how we can help.

TSA can also provide you with personalised signage to display for the collection and create a special online donation page featuring photos and wording of your choosing.

You may want to include your request for donations in lieu of flowers in the death notice along the lines of: Donations in lieu of flowers to TSA (Tuberous Sclerosis Australia), 18 Central Road, Beverly Hills, NSW 2209 or click here to donate now.

Donations in memory of a loved one

You can choose to make a donation to TSA in memory of a loved one at any time. Simply click the donate button and record the details of who your gift is in honour of. TSA can notify the family of your thoughtful gift when you share their email with us.

If you wish to organise a collection in memory of loved one you can do so at anytime (not just at the time of a funeral). You may wish to remember a loved one at a special time like a birthday with an in memory collection.

TSA can create a special online donation page featuring photos and wording of your choosing.

We are here to help and support you. Please contact us.

IM Betty scaled

One of Betty’s final requests was for donations to be made to TSA instead of flowers for her funeral in honour of her granddaughter Amanda who lives with TSC.
In Mem Kyah holding hands
Kyah McGroder’s family raised $4,200 for TSA in loving memory of Kyah.