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Be a #Hero4TSC

Many families face daily challenges because of TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex). Will you be a #Hero4TSC in honour of the person you know with TSC? Your support will have a big impact on our work with and for people impacted by TSC.

TSA (Tuberous Sclerosis Australia) will work with you to help inspire your family, friends and colleagues to donate in honour of you or your loved one with TSC under an individual #Heroes4TSC campaign.

Register your interest today in creating a #Heroes4TSC campaign

The TSA Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal information.

To go ahead and set up a #Heroes4TSC campaign just follow these simple steps:

  • Contact us by completing the registration form above
  • You’ll need to provide a photo of the person you are fundraising in honour of with TSC
  • We will set up an online fundraising page with your photos, a campaign poster (as pictured), and a unique campaign name under #Heroes4(insert-name-of-loved-one-with-TSC)
  • Select when wish to support TSA, here are some examples
    • Share the donation page / fundraising appeal for TSC Global Awareness Day on 15 May
    • Celebrate a special occasion by collecting donations for Christmas, birthdays, christenings
    • Mark a TSC milestone like ‘one year seizure free’
  • Simply share your appeal with family, friends and colleagues and ask them to be a #Hero for the person they know with TSC by making a donation in their honour. You can do this in person, via social media, event invitations or email
  • Update your supporters with how much has been donated in honour of your family to help people living with TSC. Don’t forget to thank them for being #Heroes4TSC

We’re excited to have you join our #Heroes4TSC. Once you fill in the above form we’ll be in touch!

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Inspire others to give

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