New clinical trial in Brisbane

Clinical trial investigating potential treatment for irritability associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adolescents aged 13 to 17

Research has shown the gut bacteria of autistic children is different to non-autistic children. It is possible that certain bacteria derived metabolites produced in the gut may reach the brain resulting in characteristics of autism.

The team at Queensland Children’s Hospital is researching an experimental treatment, AB-2004, which is designed to soak up these metabolites in the gut to reduce their entry into the brain via the blood stream. They hope this will improve autistic traits of irritability and anxiety. This study aims to establish an effective dose that will help improve irritability and anxiety in autistic adolescents.

If you and your child are interested in participating, then the study team at the clinic will complete a screening visit to determine if he/she is eligible. If eligible, you and your child will be invited to participate in the study which lasts for 16 weeks and includes 6 in-clinic visits and 3 remote visits (telephone/video).

More details can be found in this flyer.

Please note that currently (due to COVID restrictions) this trial is only open to people in the immediate Brisbane area.

If you or your child:

  • Is 13-17 years old Is on the autism spectrum
  • Has irritability and gut symptoms

And wishes to find out more, please contact:
[email protected]
07 3069 7532