Invitation to participate in a survey on genomic testing in Australia

We invite you to complete a survey to understand what Australians, including patients and carers, think about genomic testing (DNA testing). This survey is conducted by CaPPRe, an independent research company.

Why participate?

Your feedback may help inform government decisions about public funding for genomic testing, such as whether it should be included in Medicare. This is your chance to have your voice heard on an important health issue.

What is genomic testing?

Genomic testing provides information about your DNA and its impact on your health. It examines many genes or even your entire genome at once.

Who designed the survey?

The survey was created by a team of researchers, people living with genetic conditions, their families, and patient organisations, including Rare Voices Australia.


To participate in the survey, please visit this link.

Your input may help shape the future of genomic testing in Australia. Please email Maya Joshi with any questions about the survey: [email protected]

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