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Be a Hero for people living with TSC

Join our team of TSC Heroes and receive a free TSC Hero T-shirt!

TSC Heroes put their bodies to the test by completing a fitness challenge and raise money for people living with TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex). Whether you choose to run, walk, cycle or swim you can make a difference.

You may choose to do your own thing, like set a personal challenge to walk a kilometre each day for a month, or you could sign up to join an official event like the City2Surf. Whatever you chose we are here to help and support your efforts.

To sign up today you can either visit mycause to set up your online fundraising page or fill in the below form and we will be in touch. Please let us know what size TSC Heroes t-shirt to send you as our way to thank you for signing up to be a hero for people living with TSC.

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Thank you TSC Heroes

TSC Heroes have raised over $130,000 for children and families impacted by TSC. Each year several families choose to participate in a variety of physical challenges. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has joined the TSC Hero team. Special mentions to a few:

TSC Heroes founding members

The TSC Heroes team was established in 2014 by Jeff and Manoela Place, whose daughter Zarah has TSC. They rallied family and friends to participate in an Ironman Challenge in Western Sydney. The TSC Heroes team has grown to include all sorts of sporting and competitive challenges including: Sydney’s iconic City2Surf run, a marathon in the Clare Valley, the Kokoda Trek, Bridge2Brisbane and more.

Thanks to these generous (and fit!) team members:
  • Jeff & Mano Place
  • Edwina Mann
  • Ganny Mansour
  • Camden Fitzgerald
  • Chris Hardy
  • David Cowan
  • Enguang Lee
  • Elliott Cunnew
  • John Kearney
  • Steven Croft
  • Amy Berkley
  • Belinda Allchin
  • Yasmin Bodanca
  • Natasha Bodanca
  • Meg Boschetti
  • Kate Brandon
  • Narelle Kerr
  • Miranda & Tom King
  • Kerri Kinman
  • Georgina Schilg
  • Melissa Maher
  • Wayne Clarke
  • Morgan Stanbury
  • Chris Logan
  • Michale Burden
  • Claire Fitzgerald
  • Phillip Murray-Walker
  • Craig Maynard
  • Glen Maynard
  • Tess Bright
  • Amy Brown
  • Nicole Carnovale
  • Miriam Chalk
  • Elizabeth Clements
  • Brad Cogger
  • Christy Herbert
  • Ben Heyes
  • Martin Johnston
  • Alison McIvor
  • Jessica Smith
  • Melissa Mak
  • Amber Reid
  • Grant Maynard
  • Paul Rose
  • Elissa Pritchett
  • Kirsty Place
  • Nathan King
  • Ursula Lusk
  • Rodney Cox
  • Anthony & Sophie Crosby
  • Tash Kourea
  • Karen Dyer
  • Jackie Gambrell
  • John Fraser
  • Ryan Groenewald
  • Wesley Hall
  • Belinda Kinneally
  • Cynara & Matt Stalenhoef
  • Camila Marchioreto Fernandes

Upcoming TSC Hero events in 2023

21 May, 2023 Run for a Reason, WA
1-2 July, Gold Coast Marathon QLD
16 July, Run Melbourne, VIC
13 August, City2Surf, NSW
TBC August, Bridge2Brisbane, QLD
17 September, Blackmores Running Festival, NSW

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Inspire others to give

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