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ATSS welcomes its first employee

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Clare Stuart (nee Pinkerton) started as ATSS’ first Project Officer in November 2011. Clare has commenced work on two projects:

  • Rebuild of the ATSS website, transforming it into an online directory to help TSC families share resources
  • The 2012 Family Conference, being held in Melbourne on 2nd or 3rd June

This has been made possible by a grant from Novartis Pharmaceuitcals. This money will not last forever, so the other part of Clare’s job is to secure other grants and increase donations . This will allow ATSS to grow to empower more TSC families.

ATSS has operated on 100% voluntary labour for the last 30 years. This is an amazing accomplishment that all current and past volunteers should be proud of. The Committee has felt for some time that the task of growing ATSS would involve bringing on a paid employee. When the opportunity to hire Clare to deliver these two projects arose, the committee knew this was the right decision for the future of ATSS.

Many of you will know Clare from her many years as a volunteer and committee member. Clare’s first project for ATSS was making the first membership database – more than 15 years ago! More recently Clare was the main organizer of the very successful 2011 Family Conference. Clare now has a 1 year old son and is working 10 hours per week from home, helping ATSS avoid the cost and commitment of office space and a permanent staff member.

Clare brings passion, experience and a variety of professional skills to the role of Project Officer. As the big sister to Lizzie, who had TSC, Clare understands the experience of living in a family with TSC. As a management and IT consultant for the last 10 years, Clare has strong skills in building relationships, communication, strategic planning and technology. Clare has also started her Masters in Public Health at Sydney University, building her credentials and network in the health sector. Last, but not least, due to Clare’s previous role as a committee member, the current committee can trust that she will get on with the job with minimal training and supervision.

We wish Clare well in her role and look forward to many more milestones in the growth of ATSS.

The ATSS Committee


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