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Save the date for TSC Conference 2020

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TSA will be hosting its next TSC Community Conference in Sydney on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 May 2020                                     at the University of New South Wales, Randwick.

Please lock these dates in your new 2020 diary now!

International and Australian TSC Health Professionals will provide their expert insights into the latest TSC research and treatment options and will be available to answer your questions.

We are delighted to share we have confirmed Dr Darcy Kruger, Director of the TSC Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will be the keynote speaker.

Our TSC families and health professionals have benefited enormously from attending our previous conferences. Read comments from previous participants here:

“When Joshua was diagnosed with TSC we felt our world had fallen apart. Then we heard about TSA. The 2015 TSA conference in Sydney helped connect me to other families with TSC. I really needed that, it was important for me to be able to meet other people face to face and talk about our experiences. It really helped me in my search for answers and to find acceptance of the TSC diagnosis. I am grateful to TSA for organising these great events for families affected by TSC.” Says Nicole from WA whose son Joshua has TSC 

“At the age of 24, I finally started learning more about my disease. I attended TSA’s Sydney family and medical conference in 2015 and then attended the Brisbane information day a year later. Being part of these events was really important in my TSC journey. It was nice to feel normal in a community that you don’t normally feel normal in. Making connections with other people living with TSC has been a really positive experience”. Says Miranda from QLD  who has had TSC since she was 7

It was a wonderful experience for me to attend TSA’s Melbourne Information Day in 2017. I finally got the chance to meet other people who had a child with TSC. It was the first time I felt people really listened and understood what I had been through when my son was diagnosed with TSC. Connecting and sharing stories with people whose lives had also been affected by TSC was really comforting to me. I am grateful to TSA for organising these great events for families affected by TSC.” Says Angela from NSW mother of a 10 year old boy

”Thank you for running such an informative, interesting meeting. It was absolutely fantastic to hear from Elizabeth Thiele and Lisa Henske who have such depth of knowledge of TSC and a wonderful sense of care for TSC families. The discussion about medical marijuana was most helpful as it cleared up misunderstandings I had about this topic. I liked the group discussions early on as it helped to know a little about the people we were with.” Says Helen who lives with TSC and LAM and attended the 2015 Medical and family conference in 2015.

“It was a very professionally run event and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help or understanding  with regards to TSC and its many faces.” Says Anna Clarke who attended the 2015 Medical and family conference in 2015.

“I have TSC- LAM and attending the TSA Melbourne Information Day on 8 October 2017 was of great benefit to my husband and I.  We were able to hear about the latest research inroads and treatment options for TSC and best of all meet others with TSC and TSC LAM. The lead up to the day and the organisation on the day by TSA was extremely professional, informative and friendly.” Says Penny McKee who attended the 2017 Education Day in Melbourne.