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Research Updates from TSC World Conference (video)

This resource is a recording from the 2014 World TSC Conference held by the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance in the USA.

What is covered in this session

  • Ms Debora Moritz telling the story of her son Griffin’s TSC
  • Dr Steven Sparagana presenting on the USA natural history database on TSC
  • Dr Mustafa Sahin presenting on fascinating research into TSC, neurocognition and autism and a vision for how we can collaboratively tackle the questions in this area (starts 34:15)
  • Dr Mary Kay Koenig provides preliminary results from the international randomised clinical trial into the use of topical rapamycin for the treatment of facial angiofibromas (starts at 54:00)

Who might be interested in this video:

  • Anyone with an interest in TSC research
  • Patients or parents considering treatment of facial angiofibromas for topical rapamycin


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