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Epilepsy Surgery and Imaging (video)

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This resource is a recording from the 2014 World TSC Conference held by the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance in the USA.

What is covered in this session

  • Gary Mathern, MD, talks about epilepsy surgery in TSC. He explains the risk-benefit evaluation when deciding on epilepsy surgery in patients with TSC. This includes an understanding of epileptic encephalopathy, medically refractory seizures, disabling seizures, and what we know about the overall success of epilepsy surgery.
  • Harry Chugani, MD, talks about finding the epileptogenic tuber in TSC – meaning the part of the brain that is the origin of seizures and may be the target for surgery. This includes the use of AMT PET scans.
  • Jonathan Roth, MD, discusses the various approaches to epilepsy surgery, acknowledging the lack of a standard approach between centres. He then explains the multi-stage approach used by his centre. This includes presentation of data on 161 patients worked on at his NYU centre, including safety and quality of life outcomes.
  • An interesting question time including a parent asking the question of how to find the right surgeon and the clear answer that it is all about trust.

Who might be interested in this video:

  • Individuals and their families considering epilepsy surgery.

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