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European Medicines Agency: Information about Everolimus

This information sheet is written by the European Medicines Agency, an egency of the European Union. While it has been written from a European point of view, much of the information is applicable worldwide.

Everolimus is a medicine known as an mTOR inhibitor. It is marketed in Europe as ‘Votubia’ and in Australia and New Zealand as ‘Afinitor’. You should discuss any information about treatment options with your doctors before taking any action.

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2 Responses

  1. Sue

    Now that erevolimus is available in Australia has the ATSS any knowledge of trials done here or papers published or who may have begun using it?

    • Clare Stuart

      Hi Sue,
      Have you seen our new information page on mTOR inhibitor medicines, including Everolimus?
      This page describes the key clinical trials into the medicine. Australian sites were involved in Exist-1 (for SEGAs) but not for Exist-2 (Kidney AMLs).
      We do have some knowledge of clinicians using these medicines but we do not publish the details of any clinician publicly. I would be happy to look for a medical professional for you if you contact us directly.
      I hope this information helps.

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