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Are you in New Zealand? We’re here to help you too

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Historically, ATSS activities have focused on the Sydney area. With limited resources and volunteers, we’ve tried to reach out to other parts of Australia and New Zealand and are doing better at this than ever before:

We know we can do more, and this is a major priority in our strategic plan.

In 2014, we will have a special focus on New Zealand. Our aims are to:

  • Understand better the needs of families living with TSC in New Zealand;
  • Hold the annual family conference in New Zealand in the second half of 2014;
  • Identify the medical specialists in New Zealand that have an interest and expertise in TSC;
  • Reach out to TSC families in New Zealand that can both benefit from ATSS services and strengthen the organisation in New Zealand;
  • Register a legal entity to enable us to apply for grants and fundraise specifically for projects that improve the lives of TSC families living in New Zealand.

If you are a TSC affected individual or family in New Zealand, we’d like to hear from you. Contact us, so that we can work with you.


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  1. Janet Sharp

    Hi – I have been speaking to Sheryll & Helen & have told them of my interest in helping out.
    Please add me to the list

    • Clare Stuart

      Hi Jan,
      Fantastic. I am sending you an email now.

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