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NetApp volunteers lend a hand to TSC Family

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In March, Sydney mother of two, Leanne Park, was grateful to receive a helping hand from staff volunteers from NetApp. Leanne’s son Luke has Tuberous Sclerosis and were one of the stars in ATSS’s 2007 DVD production ‘Tuberous Sclerosis: You are not Alone’. Leanne has also previously volunteered as a Committee member and Vice-President of ATSS.

Using their paid volunteer leave, staff at the company spent 5 days renovating Leanne’s house and garden. The project was the brain child of NetApp staff member Elliott Cunnew, father to Amelia, who has TSC. Elliott pitched the idea to his company and his colleagues got together to not only do the renovations, but also to fund donations and give Leanne and her family a holiday while their house was being worked on.

A wonderful project that has come from connections made through ATSS. Thank you to Elliott and the staff at NetApp.

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