Tuberous Sclerosis Australia aims to provide up to date information and quality peer support services to improve the lives of individuals with TSC and their families.

Essential information

  • If you, or your child, are newly diagnosed – our New Diagnosis Page is a good place to start
  • Contact the TSC Information Service on 1300 733 435. The TSC Information Service is a confidential service where you can speak to a member of the TSA team about anything to do with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).


Learn more

  • Read our medical information pages – For symptoms, surveillance and treatment information about the different systems affected by TSC, genetics and information about mTOR inhibitor medicines for TSC (Sirolimus and Everolimus).
  • Explore our resource directory – An ever growing list of helpful organisations that and the best of TSC information from Australia and around the world
  • Read stories from other families living with TSC – you are not alone and these stories reflect the large spectrum of TSC experiences.
  • Read the latest news and subscribe to our email newsletter – to keep up to date with TSC research news, Tuberous Sclerosis Australia’s activities and upcoming events in your area.

Connect with others

Get involved

  • Join Tuberous Sclerosis Australia – We receive no ongoing government funding and joining as a member is a great way to support our work. You will also receive printed copies of our twice-yearly magazine, Reach Out.
  • Fundraise for TSC research or support– fundraising efforts small and large make a big difference to our small organisation and also raise awareness of TSC in the community.