On Saturday 21 October two terrific rock bands, The Patriarchs and The Hard Loves, are raising vital funds for individuals and families affected by a rare and devastating condition, TSC, at The Music Lounge in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. On this page you can donate to support their efforts even if you can’t make it to the event.

Elliott Cunnew is lead singer of The Patriarchs, and father to a daughter, Amelia, who has tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). Elliott says he is putting on this event because “TSA is totally reliant on donations to fund the critical services it provides to families like ours who are affected by TSC, every chance I get to raise funds for TSA I do.  TSA is critical to so many families in providing help and assistance navigating through the many different ways TSC affects our children, our family members and our communities”.

How your donation helps

Tuberous sclerosis complex can be a devastating condition

TSC is a devastating condition that causes benign tumours to grow in the various organs of the body, including the brain, heart, kidneys, skin and lungs.  TSC frequently causes difficult to control epilepsy, learning and intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health challenges, kidney disease and disfiguring facial growths. Each year 50 babies are born here in Australia with TSC and we need community support to make sure they can have the best life possible.

When a child is diagnosed with TSC that family’s world is turned upside down. They often face immediate concerns like seemingly unstoppable seizures, heart and kidney tumours. They then have to live with the uncertainty and fear that this lifelong condition brings. There is no cure.

$35    allows us to answer a single support or information request

Families contact us by phone, email and social media. We provide accurate and up to date information about various aspects of TSC. We can also refer them to resources that can help them such as a medical professional with TSC knowledge in their area

$125    allows an individual with TSC or their carer to attend an information event

Our face to face events provide an opportunity for people affected by TSC to learn more about the disease and meet others living with TSC. These can be life changing experiences for many.

$450    allows us to update one of our medical information pages

Our medical information pages are the only source of accurate TSC information tailored to the needs of TSC patients and their families in Australia. The significant achievements of TSC research means that these information pages require regular revision.

TSA relies on community support to:

  • Ensure Australians with TSC  have access to the best possible healthcare
  • Provide up to date and accurate information to all Australians with TSC
  • Support individuals and families affected by so no one has to face the challenges of TSC alone
  • We can champion an active research program in Australia that works towards a cure for TSC

Your support, however big or small, is greatly appreciated.

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