Buy your Christmas Gift Cards from Tuberous Sclerosis Australia, with 50% of the cost of each pack go directly towards funding support and information services provided by Tuberous Sclerosis Australia. That’s a lot more than many charity cards that only give a few cents for each card sold.

Each $9.95 pack contains 21 small gift cards, 7 of each design shown here. A short message on the reverse side explains that the card supports the work of Tuberous Sclerosis Australia.

Alternatively, you can fill in the order form and either post or send by email to Debbie (

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We're really pleased that you are purchasing Tuberous Sclerosis Australia Christmas cards. Not only does 50% of the purchase price fund our family support services, but sending these cards to your family, friends and colleagues helps to raise awareness of Tuberous Sclerosis and the work of TSA. Each packet is $9.95 plus $5 postage per order.
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We like to thank our donors publicly, such as in our annual report. However if you would prefer us not to, we can keep your donation anonymous.