April 2021 update on the COVID-19 vaccination program

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As you will have heard the Government has recently recommended that people under 50 years of age are given the Pfizer vaccine rather than AstraZeneca.   We know that this may have resulted in the postponement of vaccinations for some of our community.  It is a confusing time with information and expectations changing rapidly.  Unfortunately, at this stage, there is no specific advice for people with TSC, and it seems unlikely that there will be in the short term.  We can certainly understand and sympathise with why members of our community may be feeling frustrated by the lack of certainty.

COVID-19 Vaccinations and TSC

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There is a lot of interest around what the plan is in regards to the rollout of the new COVID-19 vaccine.  The Australian Government has now confirmed the broad picture of the National Rollout Strategy. Here is a brief summary of what we know so far.  

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