Tuberous Sclerosis Australia works to create a better life and a more hopeful future for Australians living with TSC.  We work directly with people affected by TSC and their family members. We work with health care professionals and researchers in Australia and around the world. We are the only organisation focussed on TSC in Australia. We work towards all Australians with TSC being connected, informed and empowered to have the best life possible.

Our priorities

We have defined five priorities that guide our work.

1. Australians affected by TSC have access to relevant, accurate and balanced TSC information and have the support that allows them to face the challenges of TSC

2. Australians affected by TSC have access to the best possible health care

3. Our TSC community has access to, and knowledge of developments in global and Australian TSC research

4. TSA’s work is funded through diverse and efficient fundraising

5. TSA is strong, reputable and well-governed

Our values

We will do this while holding true to our values:

Diversity – We recognise everyone’s unique experiences and contribution.

Excellence – Our services and activities are of high quality.

Equity – We aim to provide services that are accessible by all Australians affected by TSC.

Openness – Our decision making and communications are clear and transparent.

Independence – We value our independence and are accountable to TSA members.

Partnership – Working with other organisations and individuals, including supporters, is critical to achieve our vision.

Our strategic plan guides our annual business plans. We regularly review and adjust our plan to respond to the needs of people affected by TSC and available resources. You can download a copy of our strategic plan here.

If you would like to get involved, there are many ways you can help. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.