What will be discussed at the conference?

The conference is a chance to learn about the latest research in TSC and how it is changing how TSC is managed and treated. Medical aspects of TSC that will be covered include: genetics, women’s health, mTOR inhibitor medicines, managing epilepsy, SEGAs, kidney tumours and LAM. We are also seeking speakers to cover issues faced by adolescents with TSC, autism and managing anxiety.  In addition, there will be time to share stories, resources and contribute ideas to the future work of TSA.

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I get all my information about TSC from my doctors and from the internet. Why should I attend the conference?

TSC research is making amazing discoveries that are changing the way TSC is managed and treated. The conference will cover the latest research and provide you with new ways to think about TSC management and hope for the future.

The conference is also a chance to meet others with TSC. These connections can be useful when you  face future challenges of TSC.

We’re yet to hear from an attendee at one of our educational events that regrets coming along. If you’ve never been to a tuberous sclerosis event before, we encourage you to try this year.

How long does the conference go for?

We expect to start the conference at 9:30am on Saturday and finish at around 4pm.

A dinner will be held on Saturday night. Sunday will run from 9am until 3pm, to give you time to travel home.

Can I get financial assistance to travel to the conference?

There will be some funding available to help families attend the conference. The federal government has not provided funding for this in 2015 so the funding available is more limited than at prior events. We encourage you to apply for travel funding if you require this to attend the conference. Please download the travel grant information form.

Where should I stay?

You will need to book your own accommodation. There are accommodation options within walking distance of the venue, the University of New South Wales:

Parade Lodge

The Centre

Avonmore on the Park

You can also look at

Air BnB

More options on Trip Advisor

You can consider option within a short bus ride from the venue. This includes the suburbs of Kingsford, Maroubra, Coogee, Clovelly, Bondi Junction, Waverley, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and even the Sydney CBD. A map showing bus services in the area

Why is the conference called a family conference? Can children attend?

There are two streams to the conference, a family and a medical stream. The medical stream is intended for clinicians and medical researchers. The family stream is intended for people that have TSC and people supporting someone with TSC.

The conference is not suitable for children and no childcare will be provided. Of course, infants with their carers are welcome. We have provided childcare at past events and it has not been used; families tell us they would prefer to arrange care closer to their homes.

Please contact us if a lack of childcare is a barrier to you attending the conference, we’re happy to help you if we can.

Can I bring my family members, teachers or other interested people?

Absolutely. We know that many people are involved in supporting a person with TSC. We encourage medical professionals to attend the medical stream on Saturday. Medical professionals are very welcome to attend the family stream on Sunday.

I am new to TSC. I am not sure if I want to meet others face to face

This is a common feeling. Coming to a conference can be daunting. We’d love a chance to talk to you about this to see if we can help with your fears.

The people who attend the conference are overwhelmingly welcoming and friendly. TSC affects everyone in different ways and people have different levels of knowledge about TSC; we remind each speaker of this to ensure there is something useful for everyone in each session.  If the conference is emotionally overwhelming, we encourage you to take time out of the sessions and to talk to one of the TSA staff or volunteers if you need to.